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26. God’s Man for God’s Plan

26. God’s Man for God’s Plan

I never heard such a clear calling to serve Jesus as I did in this interview. 

Doug Ammar is the Director of the Georgia Justice Project in downtown Atlanta. He has served in this capacity for over twenty-five years. 

Doug is a recognized expert in criminal justice. He not only changes the lives of the poor accused of crimes, but also changes the laws. 

Doug became the director after the founder of GJP unexpectedly quit. 

  • No money. 

  • No donor prospects. 

  • No network. 

Doug leaned into God and said, “If you want me here, you’ll have to make this ministry viable.”

 Six months later, GJP was more financially stable than in its entire existence. 

This man’s story shows the power of God and the grace of God. Doug came from less than nothing as a child to becoming a leader of the criminal justice movement nationwide. 

One of the best (and longest) interviews I ever did. I’ll be listening to this one again, myself.

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