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34. Three Stages of Startup Growth

34. Three Stages of Startup Growth

"It is all about the people," said Charlie Paparelli. 

That's right. In this 20 minute video, I'm being interviewed. Brendan Tolleson asks me the questions. 

Brendan is the CEO and co-founder of RevPartners. I've watched Brendan over the years building his career. (

He started as a leader on the soccer field and, over time, became a successful sales leader. As part of his quest to build successful revenue processes for his clients, he wanted my thoughts. 

In this interview, I share my experience on the three stages of startup growth. 

This includes: 
1. Finding your tech co-founder.
2. Cracking the code on sales and delivery processes.
3. Establishing a real management team. 

Brendan did a great job of getting the best I had. 

And, yes, building a successful company is all about the people. Starting with you, the founder.

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